Ghost Looking Through Window Video Is Hilariously Awful

by paranormalwarehouse
ghost in window

A recent paranormal video of an alleged ghost looking through a window is making its way through the internet. Creating a surprising amount of hype, I was cautiously excited to check out the viral video. I say this most of the time, but after completing the video, I audibly proclaimed, “I should have seen this coming.”

So Many Red Flags

With so many things to touch on, I want to begin with the items falling over during the man’s slumber. Before the “entity” is even exposed, things around the room begin acting strangely. Items on shelves begin to fall seemingly on their own throughout the room. These things happen systematically, sending off a red flag that this is stagged. I have watched countless “paranormal videos”, and this one event after the other is almost a guarantee that the video is being staged.

The Lame Reveal

The strange events continue until the grand reveal of the entity takes place. The shades on the window next to the man’s bed dramatically open to slowly show that something is watching the man sleep. Equipped with everything including glowing eyes, the figure is clearly a fabricated prop. Letting out a light giggle I could not understand why this became so popular.

“Because It’s Fun”

We can be critical here at Paranormal Warehouse. While this video is one of countless we have to call out, I had a moment where I understood why these videos spread throughout the internet. I think it is fun for people to joke around and feel a small thrill from something spooky. With horror movies more popular than ever, I think these shorts clips are a part of that same genre of entertainment. Moving forward I think I need to take the stick out of my rear and simply enjoy the ridiculousness of these videos for what they are.


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