Olympic gold medalist Sam Quek recently released a potentially spooky video on her social media. Asking her followers “Paranormal Activity or Paranoid Sam?” the video shows potential poltergeist actvity captuer on CCTV footage at the Merseyside Garden.

The video displays cushions seemingly flipping around on their own. Most people after watching the video blamed the movement on the wind, but Sam points out that the bushes on the right side of the video seem to show no movement from the wind.

Was this a ghost looking to re-decorate, or simply a lovely everning breeze? Let us know what you guys think of the video in the comments below!


Hughes, Lorna. “Does This Eerie Video Capture a Ghost in a Merseyside Garden?” Echo, 19 Dec. 2017, www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/eerie-video-capture-ghost-merseyside-14059930.

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