Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt was currently working on his most recent horror film, 1921 when he had a harrowing experience that was based on reality rather than fiction. While shooting at the Wentworth Woodhouse in England Bhatt claims to have witnessed paranormal activity on the set. While most ghost stories can only be validated by the words of the storyteller, Bhatt has photographic evidence to back up his claims.

The following image was posted on Vikram’s twitter page stating.


To add some validity to Bhatt’s statement, the Wentworth Woodhouse is an infamous location for paranormal activity. Some of the activity that has been reported there are disembodied voices, the sounds of people walking through the halls, and full-bodied apparition seemingly appearing out of thin air.

Although the photograph is compelling, we can’t help but be reminded that the location was being scouted out to film a horror movie. The word “ADVERTISEMENT” continues to ring in our ears while we are constantly reminded that these things are usually too good to be true.

Source: “Ghost Caught on Camera during 1921 Shoot? Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt Shares Uncanny Pictures.” INDIA TV, 5 Jan. 2018,

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