Ghost Photos For Sale On Craigslist

by paranormalwarehouse

Somone recently reached out to use to let us know that a person was trying to sell their “genuine” ghost photos on craigslist. The individual who reached out to us wanted our impression of the situation. Having had time to think about it my initial simple answer of, those are not actual ghost photos, transformed into a dive into the rabbit hole of paranormal objects being sold on the internet. From haunted coke vending machines to creepy dolls, there are a plethora of haunted items you can get your hands on right now. While some of the sellers are new to the selling of haunted items game, many sell possessed merchandise on the regular.

When the shock of the sheer volume of items out there, I came to two conclusions. The first option and unfortunately probably the most probable is that these people are selling these items as a novelty. While I am not saying inanimate objects cannot be possessed by a ghost or spirit, I am pretty sure an event like this would be extremely rare. It is a bummer to see someone trying to scam someone else for monetary gain while also tainting the paranormal community as a whole.

While most people are probably trying to steal your money, my second option is that these people genuinely feel that their item is haunted. The idea of this is not as cut and dry just because I have never experienced paranormal activity around that item personally and have no real way to prove anything. While being genuine scores these sellers some serious points, I can’t help but think that yet again odds are these items are not haunted.

What this all comes down to is if you are thinking of buying a possessed doll in the future, please do a little research before swiping that card.

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