Ghost Sighting At The USS Lexington!

by paranormalwarehouse

The USS Lexington is full of tourists and visitors every day, taking pictures and learning the history of the vintage WW2 warship.

Not surprisingly, the USS Lexington offers up paranormal tours for those who want to dig a little bit deeper into the ship’s history.  “There are a bunch of stories we just can’t discredit”, said Paranormal Tour Guide, Bill Miller.  Bill was referring to the numerous paranormal occurrences and evidence that has been caught by visitors of the ship.  Most notably, the picture Will Smith caught of what appears to be a shadow of a man.

Action 10 News, contacted Will Smith about the photo and he told Action 10 News that the picture is real and that reflection or shadow is not of a man standing by the display.  He claims there was no one else around or in that room other than himself.

“Nothing in the room!  There is nothing that can make that reflection.  I’m 5’3′ and 280 pounds.  That’s defiantly not me in that reflection,”  Will Smith said.

During the Action 10 News story at the USS Lexington, another ‘paranormal’ claim took place by another tour-goer of the ship.  Josh Morgan was taking the tour on the ship when he claims he felt something he has never felt before.

“I felt very nervous.  All of a sudden, I felt like someone grabbed my heart and lungs and I couldn’t breathe for a while,”  Morgan said.

Interesting stuff happening at the USS Lexington it seems.  If you are ever in the area, maybe check it out and hop onto one of those paranormal tours and see what evidence you might capture.



Bhoffman. “New Ghost Sighting at the Lexington?”, Action 10 News, 2 Aug. 2018,


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