Ghost Slams Door In The Face Of Taunting Ghost Hunter

by paranormalwarehouse
ghost slams door

A self proclaimed ghost hunter named Tony Ferguson has recently claimed to have captured poltergeist activity during the investigation of an old Victorian school.

Located at Manor Farm in Bursledon Hampshire, the school is known for its hauntings. Tony was warned by the staff to bother the staff, but instead decided to continue with his investigation. What tony experienced next left him shocked.

“I Got The Feeling We Were Being Followed Around”

Tony explained the following: :”The school is supposed to be haunted by one of the teachers who used to work there.

“Apparently the teacher has been seen a couple of times and she doesn’t like people doing her job role for her.”

After asking to make her presence know,  a door being held by a 10kg weight closes behind Tony. Tony also claims to have witnessed the apparition himself. He later on stated that the apparition looked like a woman he saw on a photo on the wall.

“For me that makes it a personal experience where I saw something with the naked eye that didn’t appear on camera but then the door slammed.

“It was her saying ‘yes, you did see me, but get out’.

“I was unsettled because I thought ‘oh God, I’ve pissed the teacher off!’ and I was wondering what next would happen.

“I got the feeling that we were being followed around and I could tell she didn’t want people in there.

“The teacher is clearly very protective and territorial. She’s a very controlling person from the staff have told me.”

Another Set Of Bold Claims

Here at Paranormal Warehouse, we try to keep an open mind when researching stories such as these. With so many people trying to break out onto the ghost hunting scene there are a bunch of folks merely embellishing evidence to get views. While we don’t think Tony intentionally faked the door slam, we think people may be jumping to conclusions.

While watching the video, it is clear that a stiff breeze was flowing throughout the school. The bird poster located next to the door opening clearly shows a strong wind blowing before the door shuts. We can’t help but think this is a simple case of jumping to conclusions. Even with the 10kg weight attached to the bottom of the door, you would be surprised what a strong breeze can do.

Source: Gill, Katy. “Explorer Filmed ‘Taunting Ghost in Haunted School’ Is Left Terrified – When It ‘RESPONDS’.”, Daily Star, 26 Mar. 2019,



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