When it comes to reviewing paranormal evidence, context plays a huge roll of whether something is dismissed or further analyzed. This was the case with a recent photo that was released by a man named John Anderson and his son Lewis. The father and son were boating on the River Trent when they spotted a mysterious figure on the bank of the river.

John stated, “I was out on the boats with Lewis, and just as we were about to leave I noticed a white figure on the bank of the river opposite to us.”

“I don’t really know what it looked like. It did look a bit like a person but it seemed to stand out more than a person would. It seemed as though it stood out a lot more in reality. It was all very bizarre.”

“We had just come out of the boots and were pulling them up. Otherwise, we would have paddled across to the other side and had a look at what it could have been”

River Trent

When looking at the photo for the first time, I almost immediately wanted to write it off as a picture of an actual standing on the banks. It was only until I read John’s description that I was intrigued to look further into the story. The description of the figure was most intriguing to me, with John almost describing the figure as standing out in his reality. I have never heard anyone explain an apparition like this which makes me think John may have seen something that genuinely freaked him out.

The area is also well known for paranormal activity adding to the possible validity of the photo. Some other strange happenings in Burton are a young girl who smiles at people before disappearing, phantom horse-drawn coaches, and an apparition that went through a motorists car. Even with all of these alleged paranormal happening John is still not entirely convinced that what he saw was a ghost.

“I do not believe in ghosts, but I will admit it was very odd.  Whatever it was seemed to appear and disappear too quickly to be a person, so I don’t really know what it could have been.”

“I guess there are just some things out there that cannot be explained.”

Ghost Spotted On The Banks of The River Trent

Now listen before the skeptics lose their minds, we are well aware that this photograph does not have enough backing evidence to call it paranormal. It was merely one of those moments that allowed me to take a step back and remind me to take a look at the big picture before being so critical. Do you think John and his son had a genuine paranormal experience that night, or just snapped a photo of a person walking the river banks that day? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Pridding, Beth. “Could This Be a Photograph of a GHOST Spotted on the Banks of the River Trent in Burton?” Burton Mail, 13 Jan. 2018, www.burtonmail.co.uk/news/burton-news/could-photograph-ghost-spotted-river-1028750.

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