Ghost Spotted During Hurricane Florence

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Ghost During Hurricane Florence

As most of us living in the states are aware of, Hurricane Florence has recently slammed into North Carolina. Dealing millions in damages and leaving families homeless the hurricane had the nations watching in hopes of an early reprieve.

Most eyes were on the satellite images from above, a group of paranormal investigators was watching a more haunting South Carolina location.

apparition caught during hurricane florence

The Gray Man

The story of the gray man takes place on Pawleys Island South Carolina. Gray man’s story is a traffic one. The legend states that a young man traveling to meet his fiancee was caught in quicksand.

Unable to escape the man along with his horse tragically lost their lives. Gray man’s tragedy is claimed to explain paranormal happenings witnessed throughout Pawley Island.

Watch The Dock

A paranormal investigative team calling themselves The Ghost Guys Go claims to have captured the gray man on film. With the hurricane in full force, the image of an apparition can be seen walking on a dock amongst the storm.

Skeptics have started speaking out against the video claiming it could be logically explained. One viewer believes the video was taken through a window and the apparition is simply a person walking behind the camera.

We will be keeping our eye on this video to see if more information comes out on the gray man’s appearance. Until then let us know what you think about the video of the gray man.

Source: McCloskey, Jimmy. “Infamous Gray Ghost ‘Seen Crossing Deserted Pier during Hurricane Florence’.” Metro,, 19 Sept. 2018,



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