Ghost Spotted in Window of Former Monastery

by paranormalwarehouse

Bear and Wolf, a team of ghost hunters named The Shadow Warriors, traveled to Coombe Abbey near Coventry to check out the haunted and cruel past.

Coombe Abbey, which was a Cistercian monastery was built back in the 1100s and currently runs as a hotel, according to ‘Coventry Live.’

Back in 1345, a monk named Abbott Geoffrey was murdered in 1345, and he is said to be the one to blame for the ghostly happening at the abbey.  Another ghost or spirit said to haunt the hotel is a Romany girl named Matilda.  According to reports, she is said to have been abused by men from the Craven family who owned the abbey in the 19th century.

Several other spirits said to haunt the hotel include a ghostly horseman and a Victorian woman who stands at the roadside.

Bear of The Shadow Warriors said:  “When we first arrived we connected with the spirits of a young girl, Matilda, she was a stable-hand when Coombe Abbey was still a manor house.”

“We picked up her presence; then we read the history afterward when we had seen the footage, and the history didn’t match to what our medium gave us which was that Matilda was sexually abused by the Cravens, in the secret room.”

“We had full access to the manor house then, and there is a secret room on the fourth floor.”

“Matilda put a curse on the family because they betrayed her with these sexual relations that were against her will, then they were cursed that any of their children were to die.”

Wolf had this to say about the haunted hotel:  “But it turns out there were a lot of hidden secrets there – we also picked up a child who crossed over, and we got in touch then saw the light opening up and got vocal audio of someone saying ‘no!’.”

Before becoming a hotel and restaurant in 1992, the Coombe Abbey was a monastery for 500 years until 1536, where it became a private house.



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