Family Freaked Out After Capturing A Ghost On Their Surveillance Camera

by paranormalwarehouse
Ghost on surveillance camera

A couple from Kentucky are freaked out after allegedly capturing a ghostly man walking down their street only to disappear into thin air. Pamela Carter, 28, and Rick Carter, 36, caught the image on their CCTV surveillance camera.

“He Was Gone, And I Can’t Explain it.”

The man was captured on film not once but twice by the camera leaving Pamela understandably freaked out. Considering leaving her home, Pamela had the following to say about her experience.

“I have considered moving out if things keep happening. I’m very frightened.

“A couple of days before this clip, we were up really later at around 3 AM, Rick and I were sitting inside, and I noticed something weird on the camera.

“It looked like the same guy from the video. It was really faint.

“I said ‘Ricky, look at that. He looks funny on the camera.’ He was just marching like Caesar down the pavement outside. Then all of a sudden he just disappeared.

“he was gone, and I can’t explain it.

“I told Rick to rewind it, and that’s when we saw him just disappear into thin air.

“I went outside to look if he was up the street and no one was there.

“He didn’t walk back down because my cameras would have caught it.

“I fear this man will start appearing more often.”

We Don’t Trust Surveillance Cameras

It seems like these types of surveillance cameras capture the same anomaly of a ghostly person seemingly disappearing into thin air. With this anomaly being the main attraction to most of these CCTV videos, we think it is the camera, not the afterlife.

Our best guess is that the camera somehow retains information from a video that captured someone walking down the street earlier in the day. Somehow the camera is projecting this image onto the current view creating this creepy image.

We are no experts here, but we think some more research must be done before we claim something like this paranormal.

Source: Smith, Hannah, and Elaine McCahill. “Family Spooked by Ghost Might Move House over Eerie Images Caught on CCTV.” Mirror,, 30 Aug. 2018,

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