The historic Smugglers Inn, known for its paranormal happenings, has released a video of possible poltergeist activity. The video shows a phone being thrown off of the wall by a seemingly invisible force. Not being one to jump to conclusions, I can honestly say that the phone does pop off of their with a questionable amount of force. Colin Symonds from the Jamaica Inn Ghost Hunting Investigation group said the following about the event.

“It picked up and dropped the wall phone in one room, and no one was there. We caught it on HD camera; the CCTV is crystal clear. April had stated that ten minutes before the incident, a colleague had texted her mobile, which was on the worktop, by the bar phone, to ask if there were any customers left in the bar. April had confirmed she was alone and on the footage, you see her look up from cleaning the drip trays, as she thought she had heard the entrance door to the bar open.”


Let us know what you think of this potential paranormal evidence in the comments below!

Source: Austrin, Jon. “PROOF OF AFTERLIFE? ‘Ghost’ Filmed Flinging Phone in UK’s Most Haunted Pub.” Express, 2 Mar. 2018,

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