When I write these things, I usually try and go into detail about the situation or location of the evidence captured. I think it is essential to give the reader a broad understanding of the case, so they can come up with their own decision on whether the evidence presented is paranormal evidence, or not. That said, I have decided to jump to the conclusion on this upcoming ghost video because… come on folks.

The video takes place in Peru and is said to show a ghostly silhouette moving across the screen, touching the car, and eventually crawling off-screen. Upon a quick review, it was apparent to us that the image on the screen is some fly or other insect crawling across the CCTV camera. The movement of the object is distinctly similar to the movement of a fly, and there are times where you can make out the outline of the insect along with its legs and wings.

We are not trying to be haters over here, but it would be nice to see people making a minimal effort to review what goes up on the internet as a “ghost video.”

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