Join Breggs and Mike while they launch their newest segment, Paranormal Trash. Paranormal trash is a fun-filled time in which our two favorite idiots critique some trash videos from the internet claiming to be real paranormal evidence.

Ghostly Lovers

Our first video is by far the most ridiculous. Being a silly production, the video highlights the antics of two delinquent spirits. Starting off with some simple poltergeist activity the video soon escalates into a straight up ghostly brawl. Even the cat can’t escape the specters wrath!

The Peeking Ghost

Our second video features a terrified homeowner while he experiences an extreme haunting. Alright, it obviously wasn’t a real haunting, but the video is very creepy. Being a huge fan of the ring, I was transported to my twelve-year-old self while he shits himself in the movie theatre.

The video starts with the man seeming slightly terrified while he creeps throughout his home. After some time passes an undead looking female peeks her head from behind the corner. When the man runs towards the entity to investigate the woman vanishes.

What makes this a fake is the eagerness of the man to investigate the paranormal activity. I may be a huge wiener, but I would be out of the house as fast as possible.

Check Us Out Live!

If you are not sick of us already, you can watch the show in its entirety along with much more amazing paranormal content on Vidi.Space / TheHaunted.Space. We go live every other Thursday with an episode jam-packed with nonsense. Help us determine if this weeks¬†video is real… or FAKE. In all seriousness, we need the help so please head on over!

We are always looking for user submissions, so if you dare please send us your paranormal evidence over to and have your team be a part of the show!

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