Ghosts at the Bar

by paranormalwarehouse

Let’s all be honest here, most people like to spend some time now and again at the bar. A cold crisp beverage and some good conversations with friends is a great way to start the weekend. That being said it is no surprise that some people who have long past left the physical world have decided to cross the veil and spend some time in their favorite pub. Here are a few examples of alleged paranormal activity captured at bars.

This video shows an alleged spirit setting off the alarm at a bar called The White Lion

If you look closely at this video you can see the possible manifestation of a spirit. Needless to say, the bar clears out quickly.

This is footage from the bar surveillance camera at Circle S Saloon in Marana, AZ. You can clearly see a glass fly with force onto the ground shattering into pieces.

This final clip was captured from a bar in Smithtown Long Island showing another glass flying off the shelf and hitting the bartender… I guess ghosts don’t like glasses.

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