Ghosts Caught On Camera? We Aren’t So Sure

by paranormalwarehouse

Here at Paranormal Warehouse, we are always on the lookout for great paranormal evidence.  Pictures, videos and EVP’s are always a good start to determining whether or not you may have something ghostly spirit lurking around a location.  Recently, a paranormal researcher snapped some pictures in an old bunker and may or may not have caught a ghost!

Jake Parr, 30, from Stockport, greater Manchester, is convinced he may have filmed the faces of two ghosts.  The pictures were taken by Parr in an abandoned underground bunker.  Parr, who has been studying paranormal phenomena, often explores abandoned or historical sites.

The first photo he snapped in the abandoned old bunker, seems to show what appears to be a face showing itself on a door.  According to Parr, the face reminded him of “Uncle Fester” from the Addams Family.

Image by: Jake Parr

After reviewing the rest of the pictures from the bunker, he came across another interesting photo.  According to Parr, he sees what appears to be a little girls face on the steps.

Image by: Jake Parr

“When I was there.  I constantly felt like I was someone looking in the back.  But I wasn’t so scared until I saw these photos.  While I’m not new, I’ve been in such scary places like abandoned mental hospitals, but these individuals I was really scared”.

Parr also was quoted in saying, “I took a device that responds to electromagnetic activity, I always take it when we go to look for ghosts.  And in the bunker, this device showed very large activity.  In the future, I hope to be there for a major study.”

After reviewing the pictures for ourselves, we do see a face in the first picture.  This can be a ghostly spirit or just dust, to be honest.  The second picture of the “girls”, we really don’t see much to go on here.  It is interesting if he did get some activity on the device Parr claimed he had but we would have to do a little bit more research before saying these were ghosts in these pictures.



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