Ghosts of the Pfister Hotel Have Been Haunting MLB Players For Years

by paranormalwarehouse

If you never heard of the Pfister Hotel, you probably haven’t heard of the list of MLB players that have had paranormal experiences there either.

The Pfister Hotel Youtube

The Pfister Hotel is a high-profile hotel in Milwaukee built by Guido and Charles Pfister.  The hotel was built back in 1893 and actually cost over $1 million to build.

For a hotel being that old, there has to be a ton of history attached to it, right?  The history I want to talk about though is the amount of Major League Baseball players that have had experience in this hotel when they are in Milwaukee to face the Brewers.

Most recently, Carlos Martinez of the Cardinals posted on Instagram Wednesday night about the ghostly presence at the old hotel.  Check out tsunamy0327 if you want to check it out.

Carlos Martinez is just the latest MLB player to have had an experience though.  Here is a list dating back to 2001 thanks to the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee:

2001: Adrian Beltre

2008: Carlos Gomez

2009:  Mike Cameron

2009: Brendan Ryan

2009:  Pablo Sandoval

2011:  Michael Young

2012: Bryce Harper

2013:  Brandon Phillips

2016:  Ji-Man Choi

2016: Pedro Alvarez

2016:  Jon Gray

Out of all of those, the most notable experience were Adrian Beltre  who said he heard knocking on his door.  Brendan Ryan who said he saw a strange light pass through his room.  Michael Young who said when he heard footsteps inside his room, stomping around.  CRAZY!

Now I just wonder if any of these experiences dealt with the same room?


Source:  Radcliffe, JR. “Here’s a List of MLB Players Who Have Been Haunted by Milwaukee’s Pfister Hotel.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, 22 June 2018,

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