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If you haven’t read the article above yet, please do.  If you refuse, well here is a really brief summary.  Basically, most of the equipment we use as paranormal investigators is BS.  Now, with that being said it is important to realize that there are people like Kenny Biddle who are taking a step in the right direction by taking apart and testing these pieces of equipment and exploiting the truth.

I think as paranormal investigators, and I include myself in on this as well, we are gullible AF.  I have met many investigators from across the country and have had the opportunity to talk to them about their investigations and evidence they have caught.  I’ve learned by talking to them and even during our own investigations, we like to assume that A LOT of anomalies are automatically paranormal.  We assume that the equipment we use “definitely” detects paranormal activity, even though we sit here and can’t explain scientifically how.  I understand how we can get this way.  We’ve seen it on “reality” TV, so it must work right?  We have become the suckers of the paranormal community but we can change that.ghost-adventures-trio-2013-rend-tccom-616-462

Kenny Biddle is starting to get people thinking in the right direction and it can mean huge changes within the paranormal community and I can’t be more excited.  We need to be more inquisitive, ask why this works, how does this work, how is it paranormal.  The fact that Kenny is taking apart these devices and realizing some of them have chips that are in Christmas lights to light the LED lights in a set pattern, is mind-blowing.  Not going to lie, it makes me feel like a chump but I am can’t be happier about it.  We need more of this, because the next step is around the corner.ovulious

The next time you go on investigation and take all your equipment with you, please just realize what you are using.  In my opinion, the best pieces of equipment are a video camera, digital or film camera and a digital voice recorder.  Some anomalies we may still not be able to explain but at least you know what you are using wasn’t made to “detect” paranormal activity.  I want to say a special thanks to Kenny Biddle for starting this change of thinking and hopefully helping the field move forward in the right direction.



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