H.H. Holmes: America’s Original Serial Killer

by paranormalwarehouse

I think we can all agree that Leonardo Dicaprio has been simply crushing it up on the big screen. He is one of the few huge actors who have to ability to make me see him as his on-screen persona rather than be constantly reminded that I am looking at Leonardo DiCaprio. It is this incredible talent that makes me so excited to play the role of Americas first true serial killer HH Holmes. Now listen if you were to talk about any serial killer it is obvious that the stories would be messed up, but HH Holmes was a special type of messed up. HH Holmes was the rare breed of serial killer that was not only demented, he was also probably a genius. Mr. Holmeses was born by the name Herman Webster Mudgett but later went by the name Dr. Henry Howard Holmes or H.H. Holmes.

During the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition or world fair in Chicago Holmes opened a hotel which was later referred to as the Murder Castle. This hotel was designed by Holmes himself with the intent of murder built into its walls. Secret rooms and pathways are hidden throughout the hotel masked hotel visitors to the horrors happening below their feet. Most of the hidden rooms were torture themed ranging from hanging chambers to straight up gas chambers. The bodies of his victims found their resting place in either pit of lime, incinerating furnaces or corrosive pits of acid. Long story short Holmeses castle was eventually discovered and Holmes was arrested for his heinous acts. Only nine of Holmes murders were confirmed, but it is estimated by some that the murder count could be as high as 200.

The book “The Devil in the White City” which details the story of HH Holmes will provide the backbone to its big screen interpretation. Although this film is still in its infancy of development, I personally cannot wait to see how DiCaprio decides to portray the insane yet undeniably genius mind of HH Holmes.



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