The Hallway Ghost: Real or Fake Episode 36

by paranormalwarehouse
Hallway Ghost

Breggs and Mike are at it again with a viral video from the UK show Most Haunted. The video in question displays an alleged full-bodied apparition which appears while filming a hallway.

Is This Hallway Ghost Too Good To Be True?

After scouring the internet it seems as though the show Most Haunted has a reputation for possible shenanigans. Thought to embellish their evidence, the claim of capturing a full-bodied apparition is a tough pill to swallow.

One first red flag is that the apparition in question simply looks like a dude walking down a hallway. Someone else a friend of the show, Bill Heiland, pointed out was that the IR camera was simply bouncing its light off the “ghost” as it would an actual person. With no evidence showing infrared light can display the image of a spirit everything in this situation screams too good to be true. youtube

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A Lucky Shot

The camera angle is also something that has us scratching our heads. We understand paranormal activity is a random event with no rhyme or reason, but the random hallway shot is yet another coincidence to add to the list. With all of these coincidences adding up we have found with experience that while they pile up the odds of a piece of evidence being real seems to plummet.

Being self-proclaimed idiots we are not claiming to be experts by any means. We want to know what you guys think about the video, so please leave your two cents in the comment section below.

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