Next time you are visiting the beautiful Ozarks you may be resting your head at the historic Crescent Hotel. Built-in 1886 the hotel is known for its 7,000 square foot spa which is boasted to heal its visitors both physically and mentally. While most visitors are looking for rest and relaxing there are some who are hoping to experience something a bit more spine-tingling.

haunted crescent hotel

Also known as the “house of spirits” in the Ozarks, the Crescent Hotel is said to house a number of guests from the afterlife. Guests of the hotel have shared their paranormal experiences which range from voices, poltergeist activity, and full-blown paranormal activity.

While the entire hotel is said to be haunted, room 218 seems to be the most sought-after room frequently producing paranormal activity. Multiple spirits are said to roam the halls, but some such as a college girl who stays on her balcony and a nurse who is seen pushing a hospital bed down the hall have become mascots of sorts.

haunted crescent hotel

If you are brave enough and have a genuine interest in exploring the unknown you should book a stay at the Crescent Hotel on your next trip to the Ozarks. Just a fair warning there have been accounts of guests fleeing the hotel due to their experiences within… Just a fair warning.

Source: Hinds, Bob. “Who’s That Knockin’ At My Door?” West Plains Daily Quill, 27 Jan. 2018,

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