Haunted Discoveries: The Barn Theater

by paranormalwarehouse

Take a step back in time to see the first years of Brandon Alvis from Ghost Hunters field research, in the series Haunted Discoveries. He, along with his team, American Paranormal Research Association (A.P.R.A.), investigates historical hauntings throughout the United States. See Brandon’s growth as an investigator through the years, leading him to work with some of the most credible Engineers, Medical Doctors, and Scientists.

Located in Porterville, CA, the Barn Theater is a little know gem said by the locals to be haunted. Founded in 1948 by Peter Tewksbury, the barn has been home to many actors who came through its door throughout the years. While there are no longer huge performances held within the theater, people have claimed that the actors and audiences of the past have never left.

Multiple people have witnessed paranormal activity, including unexplained voices, clapping, laughter, and shadowy figures throughout the year. If you think you are brave enough to step into the theater from the past, the current owners are allowing investigators to book reservations for a chance to see this activity themselves.

Paranormal activity was first documented by the Porterville Ghost Society (PGS) after reports of doors closing by themselves, voices, and the apparition of a young man were reported. Do performers from the Barns past still visit this great theater?

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