Haunted Doll And Box?

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Haunted Doll

Creepy vintage dolls are always a hit in the paranormal community, and Yahoo news just released an article highlighting the haunting of not just one but two ghosts. Having multiple owners throughout the years the ghosts, Richard and Sarah, now reside with Ben Canham in his haunted museum.

Richard and Sarah’s Story

A note has been traveling with the doll giving forewarning to any future owner.

Haunted Doll

Photo: Yahoo.com


Thank you for purchasing Richard and Sarah. These items were found in an abandoned car in 1990. The woman who found them took them home.

“After a few days, she started to notice the doll had moved positions and the box was open. This happened a few times. She started to hear giggling coming from the room they were being kept in.

“Eventually the activity grew, and she found my aunt and asked for her help. My aunt took the items and held a seance. She learned that the spirits names were Richard and Sarah. They were lovers in life and became bound to the items that meant something to them. Sara is bound to this doll and Richard to the box.

“We are unsure how they passed. These items were returned as the buyer reported walking up and down their stairs of a night and began to hear a whisper. This freaked them out, and the items were returned.

“UK law means that I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only. Paranormal activity cannot be guaranteed as experiencing the paranormal is different for each. Please use the white sage incense stick if required. Thank you, God bless xxx.”

Stuck In A Box!?

This is usually the time we discuss the validity of the items, but what stuck out to me is the shit deal Richard got into this haunting situation. With Sarah haunting the doll Richard is now stuck as a cardboard box for all of eternity. I get the couple is now able to stay unified for as long as the box and doll stick around, but I can’t help but feel for poor Richard.

We will have to wait and see if more activity is observed from their new home.

Source: Yee, Allison. “Haunted ‘Ghost’ Trapped inside Terrifying Doll.” Yahoo!, Yahoo!, 22 May 1970, au.be.yahoo.com/haunted-ghost-trapped-inside-terrifying-doll-011714649.html.

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