Haunted Toilet?

by paranormalwarehouse
Haunted Toilet

For most people, the bathroom is a place to take time for yourself and catch up on the daily news, but for one Australian family, an otherworldly force seems to have the lavatory permanently occupied. The family began to notice strange happenings when their toilet would randomly flush seemingly by itself. With the flushes becoming more frequent the family started to become concerned. Having not lost all of their wits, they decided to call a plumber to try and discover a more reasonable explanation for the phantom flushes.


Upon further investigation, the family was shocked to find a brown tree snake within their toilet system. The snake had been coiled around the toilet trigger causing the toilet to flush. The snake was promptly captured and released to a different location to live out its days in a more dignified home.

Source: “Ghosts in Australian House? No, Just a Snake Flushing Toilet Cistern (VIDEO.” Sputnik, 30 Jan. 2018, sputniknews.com/viral/201801281061138930-snake-ghost-toilet-cistern/.

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