What could be more chilling than the idea that people who have passed and moved on to the other side continue to suffer? From cries for help to haunting screams, these are unfortunately common occurrences during paranormal investigations. With stories including murder and abuse, you would hope the individuals who have passed receive the relief they deserve. While this is a nice thing to think, time and time again we are unfortunately given evidence claiming otherwise.

The Moan

During a recent livestream of the 1904 Church, a haunting moan was captured by our cameras. Having the cameras up day and night we are accustomed to the sounds from within the location. From traffic outside to animals noise contamination is a normal occurrence. What made this sound stand out was the immediate chilling feeling it left you. While we cannot 100% confirm this is actual paranormal activity caught on camera, we can say that we have never heard a sound such as this one. While it is always awesome to captured possible evidence, we cannot help but feel sad for the soul left suffering in the afterlife.


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