Heat Waves Creating Ghosts?

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heat waves creating ghosts

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Breggs and Mike are at it again in their most recent episode of Real or Fake. This episode features stories regarding heat waves were creating ghosts, another haunted doll, and a tragic story of a couple losing their ownership of a haunted location.

Right In Front Of Our Faces

I found the story regarding an increase in temperature correlating to an increase in ghost sighting very interesting. The team over at Paranormal Warehouse are always trying to validate our paranormal evidence through analysis and debunking. That being said it is easy to forget about the factors staring us right in the face.

Heat Stroke Much?

Our environment influences our physiologically in a big way. Increased temperature is not only potentially dangerous, but it can also influence the way we see our world. Heat stroke and exposure to high temperatures cause people to hallucinate. Not in their right mind, it is of no surprise that these people believe that they have just experienced something paranormal.

It is stories like these that should remind us to analyze our paranormal happenings to eliminate all possible false positives.

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