Help Save The 1858 Garnett Hotel

There is a side to paranormal research that can be easily lost in the thrill of possibly experiencing something of another world. Walking into each potentially haunted location, it is the structure and interior of the building that initially sets the tone. From the creeks in the floors to the old decor every room seems to transport you back to a time long forgotten. Unfortunately, these locations have either decayed into disrepair or been knocked down to make way for our ever-growing society. The 1858 Garnett Hotel is one of these locations that was almost lost to time, but the passion of a small group is making an attempt to save the historic Hotel and its history from disappearing forever.

Built is 1858 by D.W. Housten the Hotel was open for business in fall of that year. The building, sitting at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Walnut in the town of Garnett, Kansas. As a hotel, the building has been a witness and participant to many events in it’s near 160-year history. Straight out of western, the Garnett house became a crossroads for cowboys and settlers headed west. Many infamous individuals including Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Wild Bill Hickock have spent their time in the hotel. Needless to say the loss of such an amazing structure, especially considering its ability to survive this long, would be a tragedy.

Let’s come together and help support the Go Fund Me project attempting to preserve this amazing location. Every dollar counts towards not only preserving the history of the hotel but also a valuable location for researching paranormal events.



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