A friend of Paranormal Warehouse, Mark Arvilla, has begun an undertaking to spread the knowledge and history of the haunted asylums so predominantly featured in our paranormal world. We have all been caught up in the all too numerous nightmare stories from these locations and their sad past. Millions of patients struggling with mental health were forced to endure conditions of isolation and abuse due to an ignorance of the patient’s disease and the treatments associated with them. It’s these stories that will help us progress our future therapies and remember to do better than our grim history. Thankfully Mark has started this project to spread knowledge and allow us to learn about these location intimately.


The following are words from Mark himself and his goals for his project.

I am asking for help. I have an idea, and I just cannot do it alone. There are hundreds of Asylums, State Hospitals, and Sanitariums lying in disrepair around this country. Some of them are accessible to the public, some of them are off limits, and others have been transformed into condos or apartments. Do you know the history behind them? Why were they built? Why they were shuttered? How many souls passed through the halls?

I will answer these questions and many more. This project will be fun, informative and at times terrifying. Help me bring it to life and show you America’s dirty little secrets.

Thank you,

Marc Arvilla

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