‘Horned Demon” Standing Over Granddaughter’s Crib Caught On Video

by paranormalwarehouse

Are demons lurking in Vegas?

According to a Las Vegas grandmother, the answer is YES!  Tory McKenzie, 41, set up a motion-activated camera in her granddaughters’ room after the two-year-old was telling something in the room to “go away” one night, according to Tory’s Facebook post.

After a few days, Tory decided to check the footage from her granddaughters’ room.  The footage did not disappoint!  In the footage, there appeared to be a horned demon-like creature standing over the sleeping child and her seven-month-old brother.  “It was so shocking when I saw it.  I had to do a double-take,” Tory said in her post for The Paranormal Society of Northeast GA.  “The first thing I saw was horns on its head, so you immediately think it’s the devil or a demon.”


Photo By: Tory McKenzie

“We thought it was a family member looking after the kids, but that picture, I have no idea,” she continued.  “It’s terrifying.  I showed the kids and my 13-year-old son was scared by it.  I ran over to the house and showed my eldest son.  We were just in shock and he couldn’t explain it either.”

Tory wanted nothing to do with this spirit, evil or not.  She attempted to ward off the spirit by burning oils and playing The All-American Rejects’ “Move Along”.  When that didn’t work, Tory went to the internet for help.

It is unknown if Tory was able to get the help she needs but I can guarantee you that paranormal teams are lining up to investigate the home as soon as possible!



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