If you are from New York or have ever been in New York City, you may have walked by one of the most famous haunted houses in New York.  Located on 14 West 10th Street, is a brownstone house that is said to be haunted by at least 22 ghosts.  This house is called the “House of Death”.

The brownstone house was built in the late 1850’s in the area now known as Washington Square Park.  Over the years, the house has some famous residents that have lived at 14 West 10th Street.  To start, Mrs. James Boorman Johnston, whose husband was a founding member of the Metropolitan Underground Railroad.  Later on in 1900, Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens, bought the house and lived there just little over a year.  As time went on, the brownstone was later converted into about 10 different apartments.  An actress by the name of Jan Bryant Bartell and her husband moved into the top floor apartment and she later opened up about paranormal experiences she had in the building.  Unfortunately, shortly after finishing her manuscript about her paranormal experiences in the home, Jan Bryant Bartell mysteriously died.  In the late 1980’s, tragedy struck the home when Criminal Defense Attorney at the time, Joel Steinberg beat and killed his 6 year old, illegally adopted daughter.

The house is said to have been witness to at least 22 deaths.  This isn’t unheard of for a home built in the late 1850’s.  I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been more.  The claims of activity have been going on since the early 1900’s when Bartell first moved in.  According to her manuscript, the activity started out very small.  It started with some footsteps she felt was following her, strange smells and cold chills.  As time went on, the activity became more noticeable.  Bartell started to see shadow figures in the house, furniture being moved on it’s own and the sound of crashing glass sometimes followed her around the home.  After calling in a psychic and realizing the house had been haunted by several different ghosts, Bartell and her husband no longer felt safe and moved out shortly after.

The home is said to be haunted by Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens himself as well.  Although, he only lived in the home for a little over a year, many have said they see him sitting at the window, looking out at the street.  One person has even claimed to have talked to Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens himself.  As they approached the home, Samuel Clemens  told the neighbor, “My name is Clemens, and I has a problem here I gotta settle,” before disappearing…


Many may argue that this house isn’t the “most haunted” in NYC.  Some argue, the whole block is some haunted and spirits roam all the brownstones that line the street.  The one thing that you can’t argue with is the amount of history that encompasses 14 West 10th Street.   So next time you are visiting NYC, swing by 14 West 10th Street and see if you can wave to Mark Twain in the window!


Sources:  http://nypost.com




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