Hundreds Of Birds Drop Dead In The Sky, Many Fear UFOs Are To Blame

by paranormalwarehouse

Recently, a freak incident took place in Draper, Utah, where more than 200 birds fell dead from the sky!  My first thought when hearing about this was that I am glad I was not there but my second thought was how?!

Lacey Brown, a Draper resident said: “As I was driving, these birds were just falling out of the sky.  They were just falling out of the sky like leaves.”  Sgt. Chad Carpenter who is with the Draper City Police Department claims the incident to be just a freak accident.

Many other’s have a different point of view.  According to some residents and conspiracy theorists, the birds were believed to be struck down in a UFO attack!  One conspiracy being discussed is that the birds actually flew into a “cloaked object”.

Sgt. Carpenter quickly shot down the idea of aliens and a UFO attack by saying, “No aliens, no cloaking device.  No poison, it was just one of those freak things where the birds were just flying along, crashing into the side of a large vehicle and boom.”


But was that large vehicle a UFO…?



Martin, Sean. “UFO ATTACK? Hundreds of Birds Drop Dead in Sky over Utah.”,, 5 Feb. 2018,


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