Enough With The Google Earth Images

Another alleged ghost photo from Google Earth has people claiming proof of the paranormal. This photo claims to have captured the image of a ghost boy playing with an old toy car. At first glimpse, one would just notice a picture of a large home and beautiful landscape, but when zoomed in you can make out the image of the young boy. While the boy is visible, we have our doubts, as usual.

Why can’t it be a real boy?

With people immediately jumping on the paranormal bandwagon, we have to ask every, “why can’t this simply be a picture of a real boy.” With very little information on the image, we are confused why people are claiming it to be proof of the paranormal. We are pretty convinced that what we have here is a case of hype rather than paranormal evidence. In all honesty, we hope the Google Earth ghost photo fad is on its way out.

Source: Towers, Tom. “Bloke Spots ‘Ghost of Young Boy’ Crouching near House in Haunting Google Maps Image.” Daily Star, 17 Mar. 2018, www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/688897/Ghost-news-young-boy-Google-Maps-house-US-paranormal.

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