INCREDIBLE Disembodied Voices Captured At The Exchange Hotel

by paranormalwarehouse

Everyone at Paranormal Warehouse was super excited to air our new series, Epic Haunts, finally. The show’s idea is to bring on popular internet personalities and see how they handle interacting with the other side. We were lucky enough to have Omar Gosh from the YouTube channel, OmarGoshTV, our first guest for our first episode. To add even more hype, we were able to investigate the haunted Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum, which provided us with the most incredible disembodied voices I have ever captured in a decade of paranormal investigating.

We Think He Name Is Emma

During our investigation of the main hotel, I had an experience I have not yet had during any other investigation. While investigating what the hotel calls the “spy room,” all three of us heard a voice that seemingly came from nowhere. You can hear the clip in the video below for yourself, and it truly shocked all three of us the moment it happened. A strange part of the experience is that the two cameramen working with us did not hear the voice. It was almost like it was meant for the three of us to hear it. This was a truly profound experience for me and re-invigorated my desire to figure out what these phenomena truly are.


I am sure some are saying something along the lines of, yeah… yeah, it’s your video, and I would probably feel the same way. We are oftentimes openly critical about paranormal evidence we find on the internet, so we get it. All I can say is that I was honestly blown away from my experiences at the Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum and very thankful that they allowed us to investigate their incredible location. I also can’t thank Omar Gosh enough for joining us that night to film our pilot episode. Let us know what you think of our first episode, and we look forward to filming our next one soon!

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