Insidious Star Talks About Her Own Paranormal Beliefs

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I loved the original Insidious film a great deal. The use of practical effects along with a solid storyline and genuine scares was a breath of fresh air among a flurry of mediocre paranormal films. I will save my comments for the following film in the series, but the shining star of the movie was actress Lin Shaye playing the role of Elise Rainier. Being known as a “scream queen” playing roles in films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and Amityville: A New Generation (1991), Shaye is seasoned in sending chills down her fans spines, but what does she think of the possible existence of real things that go bump in the night?

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While having a discussion about her character, Reinier, Shaye describes how having a sense of your surrounding and being a good listener may be able to make you more in-tune with otherworldly forces. Shaye describes her character by saying “She’s not lost in herself and being a good listener is the first ingredient to being a paranormal hunter.” She goes on to say “I think there are inexplicable things that we cannot control and what we need to be aware of an when we get instincts about things, it’s important to listen.”

Shaye went on to tell a story about his Guatemalan handyman who had tragically lost his 25-year-old daughter to cancer. While walking her dog around the time of her passing she stumbled across a balloon in her yard with the picture of a cross and Bible with the Spanish words for first baptism. While this would normally not peak the actresses interest, she thought of her handyman who now keeps the balloon as a cherished item kept within his family Bible. Shaye describes the indecent by saying, “I just got chills and I thought of my god this is his daughter visiting. I’ve never seen anything like that in my yard before since. It was too much to simply a coincidence. It really made me think twice about the spirit world.”

Insidious Star Talks About Her Own Paranormal Beliefs

Coincidence or not, I think the beloved actress has a point in saying that we should be aware of our surrounding and open to the possibilities of interactions from the other side. As for the upcoming film Insidious: The Last Key as always I will be there at the film with popcorn in hand. At very least I know I will get to see another wonderful performance by Lin Shaye and experience the final chapter of her character Elise Rainier.

If you have ever had such a coincidence in your life, we would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Source: Cornelious, Deborah. “You’Ve to Be a Good Listener to Be a Paranormal Hunter, Says ‘Insidious’ Star Lin Shaye.” The Hindu, 3 Jan. 2018,



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