Is It Really Aliens?

by paranormalwarehouse

If you have watched our popular series ‘Real or Fake Live’ you may have seen some interesting paranormal videos from ‘The Hidden Underbelly 2.0’.

Recently, ‘The Hidden Underbelly 2.0’ uploaded a really weird and creepy video of experiences of a mother and daughter who seem to have been having some issues with aliens…


According to, the description of the video released is as follows:  “On Friday, a girl created a Reddit account and a twitter account to seek help.  She said she felt she was being observed by all corners, and had intruders all around her house and even inside.  One day, she had a blackout of 14 hours and woke up with a weird brand on her back.”

According to ‘The Hidden Underbelly 2.0’, the woman who created it is not doing this as a marketing campaign but is concerned over the safety of her daughter.  “She was really concerned for her daughter’s safety, and her post didn’t seem like a marketing campaign since she doesn’t seem to know how to use twitter nor Reddit really well.  It looked like more of a person desperately seeking help than a person seeking attention.”

The woman was so frightened and concerned for her daughter that she installed CCTV cameras inside her home.  One of the videos even shows an alien-like figure appear behind the window next to the daughter as she runs across a room.

Many theories have transpired from the videos, but most viewers believe aliens are behind all these events, while other viewers believe it can be demonic entities.

What do you think?  Aliens?  Demons?  Hoax?


Narayanan, Nirmal. “Aliens or Demons? Mother and Daughter Face Paranormal Experience, Record It on Camera.” International Business Times, India Edition, International Business Times, India Edition, 22 Aug. 2018,

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