This may not be full on paranormal based article but it is still something to think about these days.  Lately, if you haven’t been living under a rock, natural disasters have been taking centerstage on the news.  Everyday we hear about a new hurricane wrecking havoc somewhere or an earthquake killing hundreds, if not thousands of people.  Aside from the natural disasters, we have possible nuclear war looming with other countries.  All of this seems to be happening all at once, so with that being said, do we think this is the end of the world?

We continue to go about our everyday activities and life as if this isn’t going to affect us.  We have asked the question before on our Facebook page, are you afraid to die?  Personally, 6 months ago I would have said “nah,  it’s just going to happen when it happens”.  Now, I wake up everyday wondering if this is going to be the day an earthquake hits while I am at work or that the nuke from wherever is going to hit us when we least expect it.  Many people joke saying we can’t do anything about it if it happens, we are basically just sitting ducks but that doesn’t change the fact that myself and I am sure many others are scared shitless of the possibilities.

So to get back to the world ending… What if this is going to happen?  What is your thought process of someone that doesn’t know if they will see next week or next month or tomorrow? Do we quit our jobs and head back to our families and wait?  Do we just go about our everyday life as if this isn’t a concern at all?

We watch the news or see it on social media of so many people suffering and dealing with the lose of life due to these disasters.  If you creep on social media as much as the next person, you see articles about the world ending due to comets or unknown planets smashing into the Earth.  Every week it seems there is a new date of when we will meet our demise.

Is it going to happen? Is this it?  Everyone has a different interpretation of how the world will end if it does.  Some say aliens, some say natural disasters, some say nuclear war but who knows.  I just hope it’s aliens…

Article by: Chris B.

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