Is This a ‘Ghost Child’ Caught on Camera in Ohio or Something Else?

by paranormalwarehouse

Residents of a small Ohio town are starting to get freaked out by what seems to me a small ‘ghost child’, running around the streets!

Strange things are happening in a small town in Ohio.  According to residents of Mentor and WKYC, there seems to be a mysterious white shape running around the streets.  Many of the residents have shared their creepy clips on Facebook that shows a small child-like white object or person moving erratically along the side of the road through the town.

A Mentor Police Officer was called to the scene in the Bellflower Elementary district, to investigate a call about a “7-year-old girl” running around in the street.  When the officer showed up, he reported seeing something fitting the description.  The officer got out of his vehicle to investigate further but the object had disappeared.  According to the report, the officer proceeded to search a nearby building but there was nothing further to report.

Fortunately, to be safe, other departments got involved in searching the area.  A K-9 team and a drone operation were even used but there was no sign of a person or child in the area.  The responding police officer eventually went back to check his vehicle camera and found no evidence of the child or mysterious shape.  The recording was later labeled “investigative encounter”, per WKYC.

After many residents became concerned, they began to contact the Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society. They commented by saying,  “We had a bunch of people ask us what we thought about the new video that has been released of a possible ghost in our city being spotted on a doorbell camera.”

“Based from our experience, we believe that this is actually a person running, and the camera is out of focus.  You also have to consider lighting and shadow effects going on.  We are not saying that it couldn’t be, we are just saying…  we need to study the actual footage itself.”



As for Paranormal Warehouse’s opinion, we agree with the Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society.  Although it does look a little creepy, to us, it does seem like someone just running by.  The doorbell cameras can be hard footage to trust because they can be grainy or out of focus.

Our only question, what did the officer see though when he should up to investigate the “7-year-old girl”?



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