Johnny Houser VS The Villisca Ax Murder House


If you have not already heard, Elizabeth Saint and Nick Groff have created a livestreaming website, VIDI.SPACE, which is currently housing incredible live paranormal content. Among these many shows is Johnny Houser Vs., a show in which Johnny Houser spends an entire seasons worth of time in one haunted location. Having said for years one night in a haunted site is not enough to collect substantial evidence this series already seems to be stepping off on the right foot. Johnny’s first season takes place in the infamous Villisca Ax Murder House which should leave any paranormal investigator excited and intrigued to see what is revealed week to week.

The Villisca ax murders took place between the evening of June 9th and morning of June 10th 1912. Located in a small town in Southern Iowa the murders of the entire Moore family became a frenzy for the media. Multiple suspects including Reverend Geroge Kelly, Frank F. Jones, Andrew Sawyer among a few more were questioned by the police. Having had two trials one having a hung jury and the other an acquittal, no person has been convicted of the heinous murders. With Johnny spending so much time within the house we can not only hope for the collection of some amazing paranormal evidence but also a possible answer to the lingering question of who truly murdered the six members of the Moore family.


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