Katie Price is at her ghostly antics again by claiming that she has captured a video of a ghost walking through her mirror. While the videos being posted by Katie have racked up millions of views, the paranormal community has been creating a backlash claiming them to be nothing but click bait.

“I definitely saw someone walk in the video towards the end!”

Katie posted the video on Twitter with the caption “thought I’d share a ghost I filmed in my house the other night! I love it although it looks like demons.”

We Call Shenanigans!

After watching the video ourselves, we are calling shenanigans on Katie. The video contains no real definable visuals leaving us to believe whatever anomaly she may be seeing is caused merely by a zoomed in image.

Source: Dimery, Paul. “Katie Price Divides Fans with Her Latest ‘Ghost’ Video.” Entertainment Daily, 15 Apr. 2018, www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/news/katie-price-divides-fans-with-her-latest-ghost-video/.

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