Best known for her modeling and television career, Katie Price has recently taken up the hobby of paranormal investigator after experiencing some strange happenings in her home. After bringing in a local paranormal investigative team to check out the house the following images were captured and posted on her Instagram.

While Katie seems to think her home is being haunted by the spirit of a young boy, she also believes in the possibility of more malevolent ghosts haunting the house.

The boy shows himself a final time in the last picture that was posted. We are unsure if Katie has continued her search for evidence on the other side, but we hope to get more clarification on whether this haunt is real or merely explainable photographic anomalies.

Another one of what looks like a little boy ! All these in my house

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Source: Tenwar, Neha. “Katie Price Claims Her House Is Haunted, Shares Creepy Pics Of ‘Ghosts’ On Instagram.” StoryPick, 7 Mar. 2018,

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