Liam Payne from ‘One Direction’ recently confessed in an interview that his house is possibly haunted and his son Bear can speak to the ghosts!

During an interview with Sirius FM, Liam explained that his son Bear was sitting at the foot of their bed and was basically giving a speech to no one and pointing his finger.  Liam, obviously a little creeped out about the situation also explained that this isn’t the first time he has had dealings with a possible haunted house.

When Liam was sharing a house in LA with his wife Cheryl while she was pregnant with Bear and he claims the house they were living in was also haunted!  Liam was convinced there was a ghost that was in their top bedroom.  Apparently, when Cheryl and the housekeeper were out somewhere, a woman randomly approached them and said, ‘You’ve got a ghost in your house’.  She proceeded by saying, ‘It’s a man.  He wears an army shirt and cargo pants’.  Mind you, this was just some random woman on the street that had approached them out of nowhere!  Creepy…


Sources:  Reporter, Ellie Henman Showbiz. “Liam Payne Is Convinced Baby Bear Is Talking to Ghosts as He Starts ‘Giving Speeches’ When There’s Nobody Is There.” The Sun, The Sun, 1 Feb. 2018,

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