Should You List A House As Haunted When Selling?

by paranormalwarehouse

I was hesitant to write this article due to is “silliness,” but after some thought decided this story could provoke some interesting discussion of whether a location should be labeled as haunted when selling.

Recently a Somerville MA condo was listed for sale with a 100% guarantee that it was “ghost free”. The addition of the ghost free promise was the idea of the seller and apparently worked well receiving multiple offers within days of listing.

Being such a unique ad, it got us thinking of whether it would be the responsibility of the seller to let future owners know if they believe a location is haunted. We know the answer to this question is determined by many factors such as whether the person is saying a place is haunted by publicity, and if the person selling the location is of sound mind.  Even with a multitude of factors that may present the home as haunted when it is genuinely not, I think I may want to know if the condo I was buying was truly haunted or not.

Let us know in the comments below if you think listings should include information on past haunts, or if the whole thing was merely a publicity stunt?

Source: Acitelli, Tom. “Somerville Condo Assures Prospective Buyers It Is ‘100% Ghost Free.’” Curbed Boston, 19 Jan. 2018,

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