Lord Nelson’s Wife’s Ghost Captured On HMS Victory

by paranormalwarehouse

Since the launch of Paranormal Warehouse in 2011, I have watched my fair share of paranormal videos. For the most part, I have become jaded to the stereotypical orb videos, but every now and again I watch a video that sends chills up my spine. A recent video alleging to have captured the ghost of Lord Nelson’s wife is one of those truly creepy videos.

Lord Nelson's Wife

The H.M.S Victory

Besides being a bad-ass name, the H.M.S. Victory was once a British Flagship best know for its influence in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Aboard the Victory along with his twenty seven ship fleet Admiral Lord Nelson defeated thirty three French and Spanish ships.  Having such a violent history it is not surprising that the ship is known for alleged paranormal activity.

Lord Nelson's Wife

Frances “Fanny” Nelson

Paranormal Investigator Tony Ferguson claims to have captured video of the apparition of Lord Nelson’s wife, Frances Nelson, during his investigation of the Victory. While this video is undeniably haunting, I can’t help but think the video is to good to be true. The apparition of Frances is clear as day, presenting itself as an actual woman walking throughout the boat. With skeptics at full mast I am waiting for the debunk flag to fly on this viral video.




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