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The Warrens Hoax? Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVvsDvkuBjM&feature=youtu.be Well, folks all I have to say is wowee… After the release of The Warrens Hoax Part One, I half expected the following responses and at the same time was appalled by the inability of people to review the evidence provided and state their opinion like an adult. Rude comments or not, we are going

In The Warehouse: Episode Three

Interested in the paranormal but tired of the same old discussions of why “orbs” are ghosts or not?  No worries we got you!  “In The Warehouse” is brand new podcast by the guys from Paranormal Warehouse that doesn’t BS you when it comes to the paranormal!  Chris and Mike tell it how it is and

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