Man Has Sex With Aliens And Paints About It

by Chris Bregenzer

We all have come to hear crazy stories about aliens and UFOs and even abductions but I think this one takes the cake!

David Huggins, who is a part of a new documentary called Love and Saucers, has claimed that when he was 17 he lost his virginity to a female extraterrestrial.

The whole story begins when Huggins was eight, which is when he says he started to see strange creatures around his parents’ farm in Georgia.  In 1961, now a teenager on the farm, he was walking through the woods near his parents’ house and an alien woman somehow appeared to him and seduced him.  “I thought, if anything, I’d be losing it in the backseat of a Ford- something like that.  But it didn’t work out that way,” he says in the film.

According to Huggins and the documentary, the extraterrestrials visited him into adulthood and continued their sexual relationship with him!  You don’t hear this every day from possible abductees but Huggins says he isn’t in it for the notoriety and doesn’t care if anyone believes him.  He also believes he has fathered hundreds of alien babies!

In Love and Saucers, Huggins talks about when strange beings started appearing to him around his family’s farm and how he thought he was losing his mind.  “I am sitting under a tree, and I hear this voice say, ‘David, behind you.’ And I turned around and there is this little hairy guy with large glowing eyes coming straight towards me.  I thought it was the bogeyman.  I didn’t know what to think of it,” he says in the film.

Huggins admits that in the beginning of the encounters he was in shock for just being an eight-year-old boy.  Eventually, Huggins no longer felt threatened by the encounters and when he left for art school in the mid-60s to New York City, the aliens seemed to follow.  Huggins claims that “Cresent”, the alien who deflowered him, basically became his girlfriend and the visits remained consistent.

Huggins then began painting his experiences with the extraterrestrials.  The first painting he made was of him and Crescent having sex.  As time went on, Huggins filled his apartment with similar paintings of his experience but claims they aren’t really all that good.  Good or not, some look at these paintings as art therapy for Huggins and his apartment is now filled with hundreds of paintings detailing his encounters throughout his life.



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