A senior citizens home in Italy began noticing items disappearing from the establishment. Items including 18th-century painting seemingly vanished without an explanation. After a few months, enough was enough, and the staff decided to discover what was happening to the missing items. What the staff found was both sad and hilarious at the same time.

This Dude Sucks

After reviewing security footage the staff found a man dressed as a ghost slipping into the home and straight up stealing the items. The media has claimed that the man was attempting to dress up as the ghost to try and mask his true identity. The sheet and mask did indeed hide his identity, but local police have two suspects that they are speaking with at the moment. Only time will tell if the police are able to reclaim the missing items.

At Least Do A Good Job

What makes this movie so hilarious is the piss poor attempts to actually portray the character of a ghost. The man’s performance quickly deteriorates from video to video until it looks like he is covering himself from a chill while he steals from old people.

For myself and everyone at Paranormal Warehouse, I hope this guy gets what’s coming and that the items are returned to the people who truly deserve to enjoy them.


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