Channel 4 has been producing a paranormal docudrama following the lives of families claiming to be dealing with a haunting.

The Ghost In The Wall

The current story follows Sam Bennettses and her family while they struggle with an entity they have identified as Jimmy. The family landed on the name Jimmy because they believe the ghost is of the family’s father, Jimmy, who had negative feelings towards Sam and the family in general.

The family describes the paranormal events as the ghost trying to break through their walls. Sam was afraid that Jimmy was directly going after her children.

Why Leave This Out?!

Being so closely intertwined with the paranormal it is bizarre that Channel 4 excluded the information that Sam is a medium as a profession. Keeping this out of the show understandably had skeptics screaming “SCAM”!

Channel 4 had the following to say about their decision.

“We talked a lot about whether to describe [Sam] as a medium. But she’s obviously somebody who has a deep spiritual belief.

“But at all time we were trying to keep to a streamlined, dynamic narrative that drove the story forward and was as compelling a story as possible.

“We wanted to avoid any deviation from that. Mentioning the medium thing would open up a line of discussion that we would have to pursue. I’m sure some people feel there was stuff that we should have put in that we didn’t, but you can’t put everything in.”

We are not sure what to make of the information being omitted. Let us know if you think the producers were merely trying to move the story forward, or cover something up.

Source: Ling, Thomas. “There Was an Important Detail True Horror Cut from Its Ghost in the Wall Story.” RadioTimes, 26 Apr. 2018,

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