As a child, I was absolutely terrified of the Child’s Play movie series. I would become a crying mess at the very sight of a Chucky doll. When I got older I discovered that Chucky the Doll is very much so real. In Key West, Florida is the location of the Fort Martello Museum and home to Robert the Doll. Robert is. A handmade doll made in the 20th century and is made of wood wool. Today, he sits in a glass display case, dressed as a sailor with a little-stuffed lion tucked under his arm. He may seem harmless at first glance, but one can only imagine the path of terror Robert continues to create to this very day.

It is believed that Robert the Doll was created by the use of VooDoo magick. That belief has let to be officially confirmed and more than likely never will. However, it is clear that Robert’s first owner had placed a lot of emotional energy into them. This owner was Robert Eugene Otto. Little Robert took the doll everywhere with his and eventually stated to his family that he was to go by his middle name “Eugene” from now on as Robert is really his doll’s name. As time went by when things went wrong around the house Eugene was quick to place all the blame on Robert the Doll; simply stating “Robert, did it.” Family members would later report that they would hear Eugene in another room having a conversation with someone and then here a reply to him in a whole different voice. When they would go to investigate they found that only Eugene and Robert are in the room. After a while, the family grew tired and afraid of Robert as little footsteps could be heard upstairs when there was no human on the second floor. Things would go missing or break around the house. Or there would be a sense that they were being watched. So Robert the Doll was moved to the attic. Eugene grew up, became a well-known artist in Key West and got married. After Mr. and Mrs. Otto died the house was willed to Eugene and right away the adult Eugene took Robert with him everywhere until the day he died.


Today the hundreds of thousands of people to visit Robert the Doll out of curiosity or for a good laugh. It has been recorded many times that it is not a good idea to mock or take a picture of Robert without his permission. Bad luck, illness, and even death have followed people how have violated Robert in some way. The only way to stop the misfortunes is for the cursed person to write a letter to Robert and apologize to him.

There is so much more to this story than that is blog could not do the whole story justice. For me just reading about this world famous Florida legend was not good enough. I had to experience Robert the Doll for myself, in person. A few years ago in April, I was able to see the living legend in the person. I was nervous and excited to meet Robert. I wasn’t sure what to expect as from all the first-hand account I had read, everyone’s experience was different. So, I dragged my husband with me on this grand adventure, that in reality, he wanted no part of. We paid our museum feel and walked in the first room of the Fort Museum. There he was in the center of the room inside a glass case. Robert propped up in a little chair with his hat in place and stuffed lion under his arm. At first glance, he doesn’t seem that impressive. The closer I got to him is when I really felt his heavy, dark energy. His little black beady eyes seem to follow me no matter where I was in the room. I dared to place my face an inch away from the glass display case to examine this famously haunted doll. I am a short woman so I was looking up at Robert is felt as though he was looking down at me with sinister amusement.

I finally was able to gather up the question I’ve wanted to ask for years, “Robert, may I take your picture?” It is said that he will move if he is OK with you taking his picture. I watched him closing and believed that he shifted his head every so slightly down toward me. I was startled at this and quickly got my picture and went to look around the rest of the room. A very old hearse caught my attention and I began to examine it. In the corner of my eye, I see my husband frantically digging into his wallet and pulling out a dollar to put in Robert’s donation box. When I asked my husband what he was doing all he said to me was, “He is f**king looking at me!” I looked back over to Robert and sure enough, his head had moved to the direction of my husband. Seeing my husband nervous made me suggest for us to explore the rest of the museum, which to be honest was rather underwhelming.

When he decided we were ready to leave the museum we realized that there is only one way in and one way out and that is through Robert. We saw that we had to hurry up because our trolly was about due to pick us up and we didn’t want to miss it. As we hurried past Robert’s case we basically ignored him. We were focused on getting to our trolly ride. As I ran past Robert’s case I felt a burning sensation on the back of my left arm. The arm closest to Robert on our way out. The burning really felt like a bee sting. When I felt the burning sensation on my arm I stopped and looked. There was redness where I was felt the burn. I didn’t have time to process what happened as our trolly pulled up. Later on, that night when my husband and I were getting changed for dinner he asked what happened to my arm. In the same area where it first burned and then became red was now a dark purple bruise. My first thought was it had to happen as we were leaving the museum. I couldn’t have been a bug bit, I didn’t see any bees or other bugs around. I assured him that I was fine and we went off to dinner. My normally chatting husband was quiet or a good part of the dinner. He suddenly spoke up and let me know that he had the same bruise on the same area on his left arm as I do. That he also felt the burning sensation as we were rushing past Robert to leave. He was too shaken to say anything about it at the time.

When we got back to our room I looked at his arm and sure enough, there was a dark purple bruise, the same size, and shape, as mine. I’m not sure if we did anything to upset Robert during our visit. My picture of him came out clear. We did not experience any bad luck or tragedy after we left. We are of the belief that Robert simply wanted to give us a parting gift of his own. To let us know of his dark abilities and that he, in fact, saw us. If you ever wish to go visit Robert the Doll in Key West, Florida I highly suggest that you go there with an open mind and a respectable attitude. Though it is unknown how Robert came to be one of the most famous haunted items in the world, it really doesn’t matter. He is very much alive and is as strong as he ever has been.

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