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In this episode of Real or Fake Breggs and Mike are discussing a video that claims to have captured a creature chasing tourists traveling through a river. Could this creature me a mermaid? Chris and Mike sure hope so!

There Is Already A Movie and I Am Devastated

While discussing the video Chris and Mike got into a discussion about how there should be a movie where mermaids are eating people. We understand you are all judging us right now, but we could not help but be devastated when we found out not one but two movies are coming out this year featuring scary mermaids.

The idea sounds silly, but I am always a sucker for these class B horror films. With so many movies following a similar structure these days, it is cool to see writers looking outside of the box. I will include the trailers for both The Mermaid and Siren below. Let us know what you think and if you will be watching these mermaid centric films!

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