A video titled “Creature Stalks Moose” has been circulating the internet. The video was captured in Quebec’s Gaspe Valley by a woman named Audree Frechette from her car. The video shows a strange anomaly many people are claiming to be a creature without a face stalking a moose. After watching the video, we have our doubts.

Rake Creature

Could it be the infamous rake creature?

How Can It Eat The Moose Without A Face?

Our first problem with the video is the immediate claims that the grey figure is a beast within the woods. Whatever it may be, if it’s not CGI, it is impossible to distinguish anything from the image due to pixelation. Our second problem with the video is the strange movements of the beast. While watching the video, it almost seems as if the monster is moving with the movement of the camera. This type of movement can be caused by something smudged on the window of the car that is filming the moose, or if the image was implanted through the use of a computer. Either way, we are getting severe shady vibes.

It’s A Jump to Conclusions Mat

Listen, we know it would be awesome to have captured a real monster on video, but we think this is simply a fake by mistake situation. The woman who shot the video claimed she did not notice the monster until after she reviewed the footage. We think she simply jumped to conclusions and the internet joined in on the fun.

As always let us know what you think of the video in the comments section below.

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