Most Haunted Team Misses Possible Ghost From 2009 Footage

by paranormalwarehouse
Most Haunted

Most Haunted is blowing up the internet again, but not in the way you might think. While the team has been displaying possible paranormal evidence for years, it seems they may have overlooked a chilling image.

The Forgotten Apparition

Originally airing in 2009 the footage shows the crew walking through a “haunted” abandoned building. During the filming some of the cast start feeling strange, even hearing some footsteps seemingly coming from nowhere.

During a moment when the camera begins to pan to the right, a bizarre image can be seen towards the bottom of the screen. The image appears to have a white face that to me looks like the conical scream mask.

The image was so brief that if eluded the Most Haunted cast for nearly a decade.

YouTube To The Rescue

When the apparition was discovered, it took the internet by storm going viral almost immediately. Having just claimed to have captured a full-bodied apparition, the Most Haunted crew have been hot on the internet streets.

Critics and believes alike have been arguing their point analyzing the image to the bone. Us at Paranormal Warehouse are not quite sure what to make of it. While the image is inarguably intriguing, many people are throwing out explanations that do make sense.

We hope that due to the popularity of the video we will get some further analysis of the anomaly and what it may or may not be.

Source: Hoare, Callum. “Did Most Haunted Miss a REAL Ghost by Accident? Video Shows Unknown Object in Background.”, Daily Star, 13 June 2018,

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